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We always offer a Free Initial Consultation & First Treatment. As well as Free Insurance Verification. We are In-Network providers for acupuncture services with United Healthcare!
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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine work well to treat and relieve muscular/skeletal pain, including joint-based pain, headaches and back pain, as well as repetitive use injuries. Internal disorders, digestive complaints, stress relief, and allergy disorders also respond well to acupuncture and herbal remedies.   learn more...

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Acupuncture generates a healing response from the body. By creating a "micro-injury" that elicits the release of enkephalins and endorphins to go to the area where the "micro-injury" is located, these internal healing factors then reduce swelling and relieve pain. It is a natural healing process, and avoids the side effects that can accompany medications.  learn more...

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Acupuncture and Oriental medicine focus on treating the source, or root, of an ailment. The initial attention to relief allows patients to get through the day happier and healthier, but always with an eye toward continued care and long-term health. The goal is to treat the source of the ailment along with the symptoms to encourage lasting comfort and balance.  learn more...

Healthy Hydration!

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Natural Relief for Osteoarthritis

Ask any engineer, and you will probably hear that one of the greatest mechanical creations of all time is the human body. The way the pieces and parts are put together … the scope and range of motion … the ability to sustain and mobilize a fair amount of weight … an engineering marvel, indeed!read more

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I have worked with Kyle Smith on three separate occasions, and each time experienced great benefit from the acupuncture treatments. Kyle’s gentle and caring approach were greatly appreciated; I felt as if he targeted the treatments to my specific concerns. I highly recommend Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness to anyone looking for a natural solution for their medical needs.
Marie R

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Modern science and research are providing tested evidence of acupuncture’s effects and benefits.